AUDITIONS for “HOLMES AND WATSON” at Swift Creek Mill Theatre.  Director John Moon is seeking a cast of 6 men and 1 woman for Jeffrey Hatcher’s psychological thriller which will play from September 12 – October 12 (with a possible 1-week extension to October 19).

Holmes and Watson“Sherlock Holmes is dead.  Or so it is assumed.  The world knows that the great detective went over the falls at Reichenbach with his nemesis, Professor Moriarty.  But as Holmes’ body was never retrieved, a number of frauds, fakes, and charlatans have since come forward to lay claim to his identity, and it falls to Doctor Watson to disprove them.  Then a telegram arrives informing Watson that three men, each claiming to be Holmes, have been committed to a remote asylum off the coast of Scotland.  Now Watson must discover if one of the mad men is the real Sherlock Holmes.”

the most elaborate and riveting game of What’s My Line ever.  The Jeffrey Hatcher play is tight and clever and full of suspense, and has enough red herrings to feed a family of 40”.



Dr. John Watson:  Male, 35 – 59

The famed sidekick and confidante of Sherlock Holmes.

Dr. Evans:  Male, 35 – 59

The doctor who manages the asylum in which the three Holmes’ claimants are housed.  Officious and intelligent. 

Holmes 1:  Male, 35 – 59

Acerbic and aggressive.  Quite insistent.  Also plays Signor Fonseca, a masked character. 

Holmes 2:  Male, 35 – 59

Anxious.  Vulnerable at times, as he believes he has committed a murder.  Wears a straitjacket.

Holmes 3:  Male 35 – 59

Cool.  Impenetrable.  Apparently suffering from hysterical deafness due to trauma, but he is able to speak through hypnosis. His head is shaved.  Also plays The Client, a masked character, who does not speak. 
Orderly:  Male 35-59

Physically powerful.  Rough.  Abrupt.  A working-class accent.  Also plays Moriarty:  cold, menacing.  Also plays the Inspector.

Matron:  Female 30 – 45

Prim, chilly and efficient.  Also plays The Woman: a beautiful, tortured femme fatale. 

All of the characters require expertise in British dialects.


Auditions will be on Monday and Tuesday, July 22, 23, 7 P.M. by appointment.

Callbacks will be on Wednesday, July 24, 7 P.M. by invitation.


Readings will be from the script.

To schedule an audition slot, please email Tom Width at

For any questions, please contact John Moon at

All performers are paid.  Rehearsals will begin in early August.

In addition to the regular schedule, there will be three student performances of the show at 10:15 A.M.  All cast members must be available for all performances.