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"A Soldier's Play," 2023

Auditions – Bklyn, the Musical 

Sunday, October 15, 2023, 6 P.M., by appointment only

Callbacks Tuesday, October 17, 2023, 7 P.M. by invitation only

Director Shanea N. Taylor and Musical Director Leilani Fenick are seeking a cast of 5 principals and 3 ensemble members who comprise a group known as “The City Weeds”, street performers/storytellers who put on shows underneath the Brooklyn Bridge.  This play within a play features a gorgeous pop/rock score as it tells the story of a young Parisian girl who comes to the U.S. to find the father she never knew.


The Cast:

Brooklyn – a famous young Parisian who comes to America to search

          for the father she never knew.

Female, late teens/young adult

Moves well

Soprano (C4 to C6).  Rock voice


Faith – Brooklyn’s mother.  A famous dancer with a broken heart.  She 

          commits suicide, but reappears to Brooklyn in a dream.

Female, adult

Moves well

Soprano (D#4 to A5)


Street Singer – the narrator of the piece.  Brooklyn’s “magic man” (an

          alternative fairy godmother).  He leads Brooklyn to her father.

Male, adult/mature adult

Moves well

Tenor/Baritone (E3 to G4)


Taylor Collins – a young singer from Brooklyn in 1969 Paris.  

          Brooklyn’s father. Dreamed of becoming a singer and poet; now

          down and out – addicted to drink and drugs.

Male, adult


Tenor/Baritone (E3 to G4), rock singer


Paradice – the “Reigning Diva of the Decade” who challenges 

          Brooklyn to a “Battle of the Divas” at Madison Square

          Garden.  A tough cookie. Grew up in poverty.  A PhD in


Female, young adult/adult


Soprano (G3 to G5)  Belting/Rock voice


The City Weeds (3 performers)

Male & Female

The ensemble of the show


Auditionees should prepare 32 bars of a pop/rock song that shows the range and size of their voice (accompanist provided…please bring sheet music in the appropriate key), and a 1 to 2-minute dramatic monologue.  Dance auditions will take place at callbacks.  Please bring a headshot and resume.  Audition appointments can be made by emailing Tom Width at

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