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Our History & Land Acknowledgement 

Our land was originally part of the Arrohateck Tribe. They were one of 30 tribes in the Powhatan Confederacy and we  would like to acknowledge their ancestors who once lived here and were displaced. We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming center for individuals of all backgrounds and honor the native people who originally called this land home. 

Timeline of The Mill


Chesterfield land was a part of the Arrohateck Tribe's traditional dwelling and hunting grounds. 


British Colonists began construction of "Citie of Henricus" began in what is now known as Chesterfield County. 


King Charles II of England provides Virginia colonist, Henry Randolph, with a land grant.


Henry Randolph built the Randolph Mill which then began operation as a gristmill, grinding corn into flour.


Randolph’s descendant deed the Mill to William Rowlett.


Swift Creek Manufacturing Company purchases The Mill.


The Mill became Schmidt’s Distillery of corn whiskey.


Gristmill operations and the distillery closed for good.


Three local families purchase and renovate The Mill. In December, Swift Creek Mill Playhouse opens with a production of Carnival.


Swift Creek Mill Playhouse hires  actor, Tom Width, to perform in Once Upon a Mattress. He went onto appear in several more shows and soon started directing. Tom eventually became The Mill’s Artistic Director in 2001 and is still the Artistic Director today.


Drifty the Snowman first appears in a youth show at The Mill. This is now a winter tradition.


The Mill reorganizes to be incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) Not For Profit corporation, Swift Creek Mill Theatre.


The Mill is renovated and approved for ADA Accessibility compliance.


During the COVID19 Pandemic, SCMT suspends operations. In August, historic flooding leads to two feet of water in the main dining room and fills the Granite Room.


Doors reopen,youth programing, and live professional theatre begin again.


The Battle of Swift Creek took place during the Civil War. The Mill building suffered minimal distruction. 

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