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Unsung Heroes, 2020


Swift Creek Mill Theatre offers educational Youth Theatre in the form of Youth Series plays performed throughout the school year and hands-on Summer Theatre Camps. Original plays offered as field trips for area schools and carefully crafted camp workshops and performances provide a much-needed boost to Virginia's art curriculum.



What Teachers Say About the Youth Series:
“The children absolutely LOVED the show and lunch after was wonderful.  Low-stress field trip.  Swift Creek Mill takes care of every detail and they are so patient with Kindergarten children.  Thank you!  Grateful Kindergarten Teacher!”

“Our preschool always comes to the theater at least once a year.  We always look forward to it.  The performances are always great and it is so wonderful that the actors take the time to come down and meet with all the children.  Thanks again for another great experience for the children!”

“Through the years I have taken students to many shows in the Tidewater and Richmond area, but this was by far one of the best directed and one of the most touching ensemble performances that we have ever seen.  Bravo!!!!”

“I love Swift Creek Mill Theatre.  It is such a treasure in our community.  I’ve brought student groups to several plays over the last several years, and the quality of the work is always outstanding.”

“Thank you for providing us with such a delightful, positive experience.  We look forward to other productions at Swift Creek.”

“We certainly enjoyed the production.  It was very well-presented, and the actors were top-notch!  It is essential to expose children to live theatre in this age of technology.  Thank you.”



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