Season Tickets & FlexPass





  1. BEST SAVINGS: You can save up to 50% off of regular ticket prices with no per-ticket fees.

  2. EXCHANGE PRIVILEGES: Conflicts? Call 48 hours before the performance and switch to another performance. NO EXCHANGE FEE.*

  3. PRIORITY RENEWAL: Advanced notice for renewal before public sale. Keep your favorite seats by booking early.*




For FlexPass and Dining subscribers, REDEEM your dates by calling 804-748-5203 before June 1; after, use the buttons at the very bottom of this page with your Patron ID from your receipt:


You can also call us between 10 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday at 804-748-5203 for any questions or assistance.







NEW!!! You can use your FlexPass toward other events - Cabaret Nights, Spirited History, and other programs to come! Each FlexPass is five tickets to use for yourself or others in any combination during the purchased season. Get as many as you like! $160 each + flat $10 processing.




An Opening Weekends Subscription is the absolute best package rate we offer at only $20 per ticket. Your seats can be saved and renewed next season with this option. This is the only package with a $5 exchange fee for each ticket moved outside Opening Weekend. (It's still very worth it!) $100 each + flat $10 processing.




Get your seats and dates locked in with the Traditional Subscription. Your seats can be saved and renewed next season with this option.  Change your mind on a date? No problem - just call us 48 hours before the show and we'll switch it for you. $160 each + flat $10 processing.

SAVE $35 OR MORE! $125 each + one $10 processing fee through May 31!




Ya gotta eat! Add a Dining Subscription (five meals) to your experience. A meal at the Mill means quality, ambiance, and three satisfying courses. Your date night or family outing is complete with dining before the show! A full range of spirits and soft drinks is available, and gratuity is appreciated. $99.75 includes tax. 

SAVE 10% over a la carte dining - only through May 31.








* Please note that the availability of specific seats is based on inventory at purchase/exchange. Exchanged seats may not be the same, and Opening Weekends seats are subject to an exchange fee if outside the first weekend.


All patrons are subject to the Swift Creek Mill Theatre Admissions Policies.