Swift Creek Mill Theatre, Inc. possesses a most extraordinary mission:

Swift Creek Mill Theatre provides Central and Southside Virginia with professional theatre in a variety of genres, including its Youth Theatre and Educational programs, and preserves its historic building.

To achieve this mission, Swift Creek Mill Theatre will:

  1. present a general main stage and youth theatre season of the highest possible quality each year to expand and encourage the growth of cultural awareness and acceptance in Southside Virginia;
  2. offer these theatrical opportunities at an attractive ticket price (with special rates for school children and adult groups);
  3. create positive educational opportunities to area school children through the production of plays that coincide with yearly SOL requirements in literature;
  4. support the local economy and theatrical community by hiring its directors/performers/musicians/technicians from the local area; and
  5. develop an education department that will enhance the region with opportunities for students young and old, through classes, camps, workshops, and other opportunities.