Menu for Holmes and Watson




Three-Course Dining: $18.95 plus tax

Both Main-Level Mill Room & Lower-Level Granite Room Are Now Open As Needed



"Cock-a-Leekie" Soup
Chicken & Leek Simmered in a Savory Broth


Green Salad


Mill Room Fresh Baked Rolls served with Butter



Bangers and Mash
Traditional British Pork Sausage with Yukon Gold Smashed Potatoes
Fish 'n Chips Battered
Cod and Wedge Fries with Malt Vingegar!

(Broiled Options for GF Requests)



Vegetable "Hot Pot"
Late Summer Vegetables in a Warm Tomato Sauce

Iron Skillet Roasted Garlicky Brussel Sprouts

The Mill's Famous Pickled Watermelon Rind


Desserts: Selections will vary from week to week.

Grilled Pound Cake with Berries A La Mode add $.50

Blackberry and Peach Cobbler A La Mode add $.50

Pinapple Upside Down Cake

Bread Pudding with a Warm Homemade Hard Sauce



Specialty Drinks: 

Shandy Graff $7.00
Pilsner & Lemon Lime Soda

The Sherlock & Watson $9.00
Single Malt Scotch with Earl Grey Syrup, Dash of Bitters & Lemon

Coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages are available for an additional charge. Please ask your server.


Please note: the menu is subject to change between productions and based upon ingredient availability.




Click below to select Dining for the date that coincides with your theatre tickets. Dining reservations can also be made without theatre tickets, online or by calling 804-748-5203.