Content Advisory


For Middle and High School Shows


Teacher Guidance from Tom Width, Artistic Director:


We are pleased to offer deeply-discounted performances of select mainstage productions to our Youth Theatre audiences. Because we present these performances in their complete, unedited form, we want to make sure that teachers and/or parents are fully-informed regarding content. Whether it’s a matter of language, plot situations, sexual/romantic content, or age-appropriateness, we want to be upfront about what the students will be seeing and hearing.  


“Holmes and Watson”

Students who attend our production of this new play by Jeffrey Hatcher will be treated to a psychological thriller that is intricate, compelling and surprising in its twists and turns.  There is no offensive language in the play, but audience members are urged to listen carefully to the complex dialog with which the story unfolds.  There is a passing reference to the fact that Sherlock Holmes may have used drugs that are now taboo but were common in the late 1800’s when his tales were told.  There are several loud gunshots during the performance which may startle the audience.  These gunshots take place on stage with the use of blanks shot from replica weaponry that cannot fire live ammunition, thus startling our theatregoers but putting them in no danger beyond the shock value.  During the final minutes of the play, many plotline revelations create tension and drama at a high level.  Drama students in particular will appreciate this play for the skill of the actors and for the theatricality of the production.


“Daddy Long Legs”

This wonderful new musical had a long run off-Broadway in 2015-2016, and we are pleased to offer it to our student audiences.  Based on the novel by Jean Webster, published in 1912, it is well-known for its Cinderella story about a teenage orphan girl who is given a college education by an unknown benefactor whom she dubs as Daddy Long Legs.  Audiences will find this story reminiscent of Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott.  The music by Paul Gordon is alternately narrative, melodious and passionate, and John Caird’s script is true to the spirit of the period.  There is some gentle romance portrayed on stage, and there is no profanity.  Students of music, literature and theatre will all find much to love about “Daddy Long Legs.”


If you need additional information after reading these advisories, please feel free to email our Artistic Director, Tom Width HERE or call him at (804) 748-5203, ext. 120.


We hope to see your students at the Mill!