Menu for Dames at Sea*



Ruby Keeler's Super Special Salad with your choice of dressings

Golddiggers Afloat Cheese and Broccoli Soup

Dahdah's Delicious Oven-baked Yeast Rolls served with butter 



Seafarers Floating Pulled Barbecue Pork - a sailor and audience favorite

Bernadette Peter's Special Baked Chicken - all the legs and thighs you can handle!


Singapore Sue's Roasted Red Potatoes

Broadway Baby's Wild Grain Rice

Choo-Choo Honeymoon Collard Greens

Dames at Sea Succotash - delicious baby lima beans and sweet corn

Captain Hennessy's special cornbread - he loves this stuff!

Tom Width's favorite pickled watermelon rinds - a specialty from sea to shining sea! 


Mmmm Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting

Banana Cream Pudding with extra whipping cream and vanilla wafers


All for only $17.00 plus tax and gratuity


Coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages are all available for an additional charge. Please ask your server.


Specialty drinks of the month:

Sea Breeze - Vodka, cranberry, and grapefruit juice


Hot Buttered Rum



*Menu is subject to change between productions and based upon ingredient availability.



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